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> Models and model kits are, as you said, used for display
> purposes (once finished of course). Toys... well, you
> play with toys. Sure, toys can be displayed too, but
> toys are generally meant to be played with. Example,
> toys may have a mechanism that lauches a missile-like
> thingie, but a model doesn't really need something
> like that. Oh, and yeah, models are supposed to be
> poseable.

My GI Joe's are possible, but they're toys. The Psycho Gundam I have is a
fixed pose resin model, and therefore not posable without major
modifications. The 6000 point Imperial Fleet I have for Battlefleet Gothic
are all models that I play with, so are they toys? Or are they tools?

What I'm saying is that models are toys when they aren't used for an actual
purpose. And when they are used for a purpose other than display, or as
things to play with, then they are considered tools.

So, do you use your models as tools, or as toys? And regardless of how you
use them, do other people use them in the same way or differently?

As far as that mother and her kids were concerned (and the store selling the
kits), those models /are/ toys, because those model will be built and played
with. They are action figure models, after all!


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