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> > Gundam RX-78 GP01 (-FB) - ??? (full verenian mobile suit?)
> "prototype multi-purpose mobile suit" - I don't know what was ever
> to come of the "Gundam Project" (which, incidentally I think is where the
> "GP" in the designation comes from) but this was like the "basic" model.

    It was supposed to test technology that can be put into production MS.
Remember the original Gundam? Many of its "features" were put to the GM....

> > Gundam RX-78 GP03S - Strategic Space defense unit (Love the way
> that sounds...)
> yep, space only, high-maneuverability, not to mention the fact that it's
> favorite Gundam. (You hear me Bandai? Where's the Unit 3 Master Grade Kit?

    GP03S looks and sound fine, but GP03D is a little bit too much....

> ;-p )
> > Gebrera Tetra AGX-04 - ??? (why'd they build this for?)
> good question. is it even in the series? Heck, I don't actually really
> what the blasted thing looks like. I could go look it up but I don't
> remember it even being mentioned in the series.

    I think it's a variation of GP01. Seems to have more firepower than GP01
yet pretty agile.... As for why it didn't appear as a Gundam, people already
mentioned that the Fed don't think they can afford another Gundam prototype
and it seems to look too "Zionish"....

> > MSZ-010 Double Zeta - Same with Zeta (but why does it have
> seperate components?
> My guess would be for flexability? Dunno on this one.

    I think it's the heavy assault type of Zeta. You have to say that the Hi
Mega Cannon is one of the most powerful weapon for a Gundam to that time.

> > MSZ-011 S Gundam - ??? (artificial intelligence ?)
> ALICE, right? I think it was supposed to be like, the first successfull
> attempt at creating an AI.

    Also it is the first Gundam to be equiped with Incom, an attempt to
create "remote" weapons without the need of Newtype. I believe this whole
Super Gundam project was to create a MS that can "replace" a Newtype

> > F91 Gundam - mobile suit with biocomputer (is
> it supposed to be fast moving mobile suit or MS capable of alter
> images?)
> F91 was the one with "Shadow Mode" wasn't it? Also the first one with the
> VSBR system and a beam shield.

    And it seems to be the first success attempt for the Feds to create a
smaller yet much more powerful MS....

> > V Gundam - variable mobile suit

    Take the original seperate-combine parts of the ZZ and make it so that
only the core fighter parts need a pilot. And it's much easier to maintain
since you can just replace each parts (top, core fighter or bottom).

> > V2 Gundam - variable mobile suit with
> minovsky drive

    And it's also the first "official" gundam with so many add-on and stuff
(Assault, Buster and Assault Buster)

Edmund Chiu

My favorite Gundam of all times:
1) Nu Gundam
2) Gundam F91
3) V2 Assault-Buster Gundam

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