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> Gundam RX-78 - Federations first successful mobile
suit (am I right here?)
the guncannon is the RX-77, I don't know if that means it came first or not
but the Gundam was the first prototype "multi-purpose mobile suit."
> Gundam RX-78 NT-1 - Mobile suit developed for newtypes.
I think it was just develeoped to be much, much faster. gotta remember that
at the time they didn't know much about Newtypes (and honestly, most didn't
believe in their existence) so it was developed to have much faster response
times and better maneuverability. Also was the first suit with a
surround-view cockpit thingy.
> Gundam RX-79 - Ground combat use Gundam
08th MS team, right?
> Gundam RX-78 GP01 (-FB) - ??? (full verenian mobile suit?)
"prototype multi-purpose mobile suit" - I don't know what was ever supposed
to come of the "Gundam Project" (which, incidentally I think is where the
"GP" in the designation comes from) but this was like the "basic" model.
> Gundam RX-78 GP02A - Tactical use mobile suit
Tactical/strategic useage, yah. I think it can be described as a "Heavy
Strike MS" or an "Assault MS"
> Gundam RX-78 GP03S - Strategic Space defense unit (Love the way
that sounds...)
yep, space only, high-maneuverability, not to mention the fact that it's my
favorite Gundam. (You hear me Bandai? Where's the Unit 3 Master Grade Kit?
;-p )
> Gebrera Tetra AGX-04 - ??? (why'd they build this for?)
good question. is it even in the series? Heck, I don't actually really know
what the blasted thing looks like. I could go look it up but I don't
remember it even being mentioned in the series.
> MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam - MS with biosensor & transatmospheric
mobile suit?
Transatmospheric was a big deal, since the Zeta was significantly more
maneuverable in the Earth's atmosphere it could be used in space and on
earth without modification. (I imagine the GP-01Fb wouldn't fair too well on
Earth with all the extra equipment.) Speaking of Zeta, you forgot to mention
the RX-178 Gundam Mk II prototypes, which were the first ones with "movable
frame" or something similar, weren't they?
> MSZ-010 Double Zeta - Same with Zeta (but why does it have
seperate components?
My guess would be for flexability? Dunno on this one.
> MSZ-011 S Gundam - ??? (artificial intelligence ?)
ALICE, right? I think it was supposed to be like, the first successfull
attempt at creating an AI.
> RX-93 Nu Gundam - mobile suit for newtypes
And it had that cool funnel thingy with the shield and the remote blasters.
Those were cool. Plus, useage of the Psycho Frame or whatever it was called,
and that "T" thing.
> F91 Gundam - mobile suit with biocomputer (is
it supposed to be fast moving mobile suit or MS capable of alter
F91 was the one with "Shadow Mode" wasn't it? Also the first one with the
VSBR system and a beam shield.
> V Gundam - variable mobile suit
> V2 Gundam - variable mobile suit with
minovsky drive
Dunno anything about these two. ;-)

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