garrick lee (
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 04:55:25 -0700 (PDT) it has to do with the fact that gundam is a
"robot", which your average everyday schmuck thinks is
for kids. after all, every mature adult knows robots
can't be for real. (sarcasm alert, don't lynch me.
no offense to james' mom! :)

as for the "first kits" first gundam kit was
the wing zero. it's still in very good shape (it's
not painted or anything, but it's not wrecked or
wrenched out of recognizable shape, and there's no
reason to weep for it), but that's got more to do with
the fact that i know how to take care of model kits
and that i learned my lesson as a kid (didn't take
good care of my toys...especially my macross
valkyrie...*sniffle bawl*). i've put together a few
kits before i ever waltzed into gundam, and even
before that, i dabbled slightly in model planes. weep
for my model planes, not my wing zero, and mourn for
my macross valkyrie. :P

the way to play around with model kits, as we all
know, is to imagine that they're mercury
motion-tripped bombs (like one of those gizmos in
macgyver, heh). i honestly yelp in pain when my
non-model-kit friends pick up (more like GRAB,
actually) my gundams and play with them like azonia
does to lynn-kyle. OUCH! they must think model kits
are warhammer miniatures or something (things you CAN
throw at your opponent when you're losing, hehehehee)

and the difference between model kits and toys is that
the former was manufactured to be built, while the
latter was manufactured to be destroyed (though

that's all. (last episode of g gundam tomorrow! does
it have a happy ending? no wait, don't tell me! i
managed to go 48 episodes without peeking at the end,
don't spoil me now!)


--- Kaworu Nagisa <> wrote:
> >I should have added that I my mom freaks out when
> she sees me buying
> >MODEL KIT Gundams, but not that much when she sees
> me buying any Tamiya
> >MODEL KIT car...just had to emphasize the model
> kit...
> >:)
> >maybe I'll go back to fighter planes...
> Why? Do Gundam model kits cost more than car model
> kits?
> ^^;


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