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>6) Many think it's all just about giant robots, super fighting, sexy babes,
>without ever considering or paying attention to the story. How shallow.

> But it is. Early Anime (60's 70's) followed the suit of Giant
>Robot/Futuristic Machines defending earth against evil hoardes of humanoid
>aliens. That has continued to this day, with variations in the
>design/characters/plot, but it still remains the same...

 But anime does have a rather series-long compelling
 story to accompany the flashy stuff. Personally, I
 like GW because of the characters more than the mecha.

 It's different in Gundam though... the MS are treated
 generally as machines (regardless of the purpose). More
 often, I believe it's actually the pilots giving their
 mecha personality, rather than the other way around.

 Gee... I'd like to make comparisons now, but I can't
 think of a nice western humanoid-mecha series right
 now, if there are any.

> Of course, in the course of Shojo anime, they throw in Bishonen and the
>opposite of the protagonist, they go through hellish/implausible but oh so
>possible situations, etc. only to end up in each other's arms.

 Yeah... that's what turns me off regarding that particular genre. Probably the same reason why I
 could only sigh when I hear of a new soap opera.

> In american animation, which appeal mostly to boys, the hero's are
>presented with a problem, and they solve it in the course of 1/2 hour or 15
>min. This is also obvious in Anime, except they take the entire season to
>do so.

 That's nice, since you know that there is a definite
 plot that leads to a definite ending. In some instances
 though, like in Sailormoon and Zenki, they have per
 episode scenarios much like in western cartoons, but
 still the same, you're a least guaranteed of character/
 plot developments, consistency (not always), and that
 there is a finale to wait for.

>7) "Chinese?" ~_~;
> Majority of animation studios are in China/Taiwan/Korea. Hell, a lot of
>animation studios are in these countries, so all the cartoons are
>technically Chinese/Tawianese/Korean.

 No no... that's not what I mean. People here are sometimes ignorant of the existence of the Japanese.
 Everytime they would see something written/sung/read
 in Japanese or Korean, they still think it's Chinese.

>They are not common misconceptions, but opinions that are based largely in
>fact. I challange you to tell me one Anime that does fall under this
>category. I can find a way to debunk them. For example, most Giant Robot
>anime do not have a plot other than save the earth. Gundam extended the
>plot to include politics and such, but it still remains the same. EVA took
>this one step further by adding in Teenage angst, but it's still same Giant
>Robots vs. Angels to save humanity when you whittle the plot down to the

 But still, there is a serious plot, and anything could
 happen. A dear character could die or a villain could
 have a change of heart... it's a lot different than in
 shows where you know that good guys are good good guys
 and bad guys are bad guys, and nobody COULD ever die or
 even get shot (except by beams that work like stun rays).

>While I respect the work done in Shojo Anime such as Marmalade Boy and such,
>it's extended animated soap opera.

 I don't really like soap operas or sappy shojo anime
 for that matter. I'll admit, I like Sailormoon and
 Rayearth for the flashy stuff (no pun intended)
 accompanying a serious storyline. Whereas in soaps,
 all I see is the protagonists getting bombarded by
 all-the-bad-that-can-possibly-befall-them and they
 are totally held in the clutches of whoever the main
 villain of the story is, without any means of fighting
 back. I don't like seeing people pushed around without
 fighting back... and I hate stories with villains who
 are so perfect and powerful that they always get one
 step ahead and never gets foiled until they fulfill
 whatever their wicked plan is. Sorry, I'm ranting.

>Anime is hampered in part by fans who publish fan magazines that sometimes
>perpetrate #3 and #4. Let's not even get into the large H-Anime market. In
>that, nothing is sacred.

 I happen to generally like H...


>Just because the animation studios decides to throw in twists and turns
>doesn't mean that it is revolutionary--it's more evolutionary.

 Uh... that's "good", right? ^_^

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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