Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 06:05:04 -0400

>>I think those parents ought to know the difference between a MODEL KIT
>>and a TOY...gee...I hate people who, after explaining it to them the nth
>>time, still don't get the difference between the two...
>I am not sure who to blame, now that Bandai America is calling the Wing kits
>"action figure model kits"...

 Ha ha ha! That's even worse than when GW was shown on
 local our TV. In the later airing, they had a commercial
 for the GW model kits which goes something like; "Gundam Wing toys are brought to you by Bandai" ^^;

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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