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Wed, 20 Oct 1999 05:59:00 -0400

>> > I think those parents ought to know the difference between a MODEL KIT
>> > and a TOY...gee...I hate people who, after explaining it to them the nth
>> > time, still don't get the difference between the two...
>> And what exactly is the difference? I use my model kits as either table top
>> miniatures (i.e., toys), or for display (i.e., dolls). How do you use them?
>> SJ
>sorry but I can't exactly tell you the difference, though I'll try to
>explain through this comparison:
>toy ---> DX Wing Gundam/any wind-up car with flashy extras like sirens
>and light up blah-blahs
>model kit ---> 1/100 HG Wing Gundam/ 1/24 Castrol Tom's Toyota Supra GT
>with minute suspension, cockpit and body details (I LOVE THAT CAR!!!)
><sorry for the plug ^_^ >
>I'm not that good at expressing myself in this department so please bear
>with my explanation. If any of you have a better explanation of what a
>toy is versus a model kit, please post it, anyway, this is only what I
>think, other people's opinions may vary. With respect to use...I don't
>know...I'm basing it on the aspect of the object details and such.

 Hmm... in my POV, a model is a scaled and detailed minature of something that is meant for displaying
 (and hobby) purposes. A toy, on the other hand, is
 simply a "play thing". We really don't have to argue
 on this, the difference is quite self-explanatory.
 Besides, we do have SD Musha Gundam model/toy kits
 that's quite more suitable as a toy compared to the
 more expensive and delicate model kits. Parents should
 buy those instead for younger Gundam fans.

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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