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>jravelo2@pacific.net.ph writes:
>> I think those parents ought to know the difference between a MODEL KIT
>> and a TOY...gee...I hate people who, after explaining it to them the nth
>> time, still don't get the difference between the two...
>And what exactly is the difference? I use my model kits as either table top
>miniatures (i.e., toys), or for display (i.e., dolls). How do you use them?

 Models and model kits are, as you said, used for display
 purposes (once finished of course). Toys... well, you
 play with toys. Sure, toys can be displayed too, but
 toys are generally meant to be played with. Example,
 toys may have a mechanism that lauches a missile-like
 thingie, but a model doesn't really need something
 like that. Oh, and yeah, models are supposed to be

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