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Wed, 20 Oct 1999 01:15:59 -0700

> They are not common misconceptions, but opinions that are based largely in
> fact. I challange you to tell me one Anime that does fall under this
> category. I can find a way to debunk them. For example, most Giant Robot
> anime do not have a plot other than save the earth. Gundam extended the
> plot to include politics and such, but it still remains the same. EVA
> this one step further by adding in Teenage angst, but it's still same
> Robots vs. Angels to save humanity when you whittle the plot down to the
> end.

What I should've said about this paragraph is that all anime will eventually
fall under the sever prevalent MAINSTREAM opinions about Anime. However, in
essence, you can say something about anime X, and you'll have hoards that
will say that anime X is shonen/shojo, it's a recycled giant robot, it uses
eyecandy to hide the fact that plot is disjointed to hell, etc. That's what
I should've said and that's what I meant by that.

I seem to be unfairly using Evangelion here, but I do enjoy that series
immensly. But you will have to admit, the plot at times seems very
disjointed and convoluted. Furthermore, to say that Evangelion is a
revolutionary Giant Robot series is something akin to saying that Gundam
started the Giant Robot genre. It's still has the basics of saving
humanity, except that the circumstances are shrounded in plot ambiguity.
For some people, ambigious plot can kill off excitment in the series rather
quickly. Or my opionion is that plot ambiguity does not make a series a
revoultionary one.

Nadesico on the other hand is a well done tongue-in-cheek Giant Robot that
challanges viewers to a degree.

A year or two ago, I probably would've agreed with the list wholeheartedly.
Before you subscribe to either point of views, do take a critial eye to
everything that you see, weigh the sides, and make your own judgement. That
is the best opinion that anyone can make.

Y. Choe

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