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Common misconceptions about/regarding anime:

1) Anime is "kid's stuff"; so to say, "I don't watch cartoons that much" or
"Cartoons!?"... duh.
   Cultural differences. In US, cartoons nowadays are reserved to kids. Of
course, using the cartoon shows to hock cheap plastic toys don't help
either. In other words, if it's animated, you'll have people that will
dismiss it as pure cartoons. And there are anime in Japan that caters to
kids as well.

   Doesn't mean there are no analogues to Simpons/King of the Hill/Futurama
analogues in Japan. In fact, Maruko-chan (?) TV Series is one of the
longest running Anime in Japan, and it caters to a huge audience. OR so I

2) Many mistake the main character as the coolest/best character... double
   That's because that's how they end up. But then again, we all have are

3) "Bishonens are fags" ... triple duh.
   Fan-girls/boys don't help matters here, or for that matter, the animators
themselves. In regards to fan-girls/boys, all I have to say about that is
Yaoi Fan-magazines. But then again, animators may be pushing that image
across, and it's upto the audience to decide.

4) "Guys who watch shojo-anime are fags" ... duh x 4
   See #3

5) Yeah, they call it "bold cartoons" and stuff like that... oh my.
   See #1. And of course, there are H-Anime...

6) Many think it's all just about giant robots, super fighting, sexy babes,
without ever considering or paying attention to the story. How shallow.
   But it is. Early Anime (60's 70's) followed the suit of Giant
Robot/Futuristic Machines defending earth against evil hoardes of humanoid
aliens. That has continued to this day, with variations in the
design/characters/plot, but it still remains the same... Both Shonen and
Shojo (boys and girls, respectively).

   Of course, in the course of Shojo anime, they throw in Bishonen and the
opposite of the protagonist, they go through hellish/implausible but oh so
possible situations, etc. only to end up in each other's arms.

   In american animation, which appeal mostly to boys, the hero's are
presented with a problem, and they solve it in the course of 1/2 hour or 15
min. This is also obvious in Anime, except they take the entire season to
do so.

7) "Chinese?" ~_~;
   Majority of animation studios are in China/Taiwan/Korea. Hell, a lot of
animation studios are in these countries, so all the cartoons are
technically Chinese/Tawianese/Korean.

They are not common misconceptions, but opinions that are based largely in
fact. I challange you to tell me one Anime that does fall under this
category. I can find a way to debunk them. For example, most Giant Robot
anime do not have a plot other than save the earth. Gundam extended the
plot to include politics and such, but it still remains the same. EVA took
this one step further by adding in Teenage angst, but it's still same Giant
Robots vs. Angels to save humanity when you whittle the plot down to the

While I respect the work done in Shojo Anime such as Marmalade Boy and such,
it's extended animated soap opera.

Anime is hampered in part by fans who publish fan magazines that sometimes
perpetrate #3 and #4. Let's not even get into the large H-Anime market. In
that, nothing is sacred.

Miyazaki's stories are based on fairy tales/legends/fantasy and such, and
they to fall under fairly recycled plotline.

Just because the animation studios decides to throw in twists and turns
doesn't mean that it is revolutionary--it's more evolutionary.

Y. Choe

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