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>> The Bio-Sensor tries to turn the pilot's thoughts into actions, while the
>> Bio-Computer uses images from the pilot's mind as input for a search
> Are you sure about the part about Bio-Computer? I always thought that it
>was similar to Bio-Sensor in that it was "helping" the pilot to control the
>MS by channeling the pilot's thought into the computer, therefore shortening
>the time for the pilot to do something (he just had to think, don't have to
>move the stick and stuff), except that it works with non-Newtype, unlike
>Bio-Sensor.... Of course, I could be wrong, just want to make sure....

Here's the dialogue between Monica and Seabook at the end of the movie:

Moon over there; Frontier I, there; the Sun, there. Flows this way from
that explosion.

Seabook, you can look for her. ... You should be able to feed the radar
coordinates into the psycommu.

Mom. What do you mean?

You probably know that the F91 has a brainwave induction system?

Well, sort of.

That's how you'll find Cecily.

What do I do?

Use the infrared sensor in the range of human body heat and pass that
filtered input through the radar display. That will enhance your
perception [allow you to see in that range] but it depends on your own
ability to feel.

I have to feel [sense] it?

Yes. It depends on the person using the machine. ... You won't be able to
see or feel anything if you get distracted by the scenery in front of you
[if you don't keep focused on what you want to find].

It's hopeless -- I can't feel anything.

Don't be childish. You must free your consciousness [expand your
awareness] and focus inward, then turn it outward and open your feelings to
the beauty of life that is drifting in space. The life that wants you is
probably calling out for you.

>> The Bio-Computer is a component of the F91, developed for SNRI by Seabook
>> Arno's mother, Monica. It appears to be unique to the F91. The
>> bio-computer serves as a detection system, allowing a Newtype pilot to
>> locate objects that he mentally envisions. The pilot supplies the image
>> and the computer finds the matching object, if it's anywhere within range
>> of the sensors.
> Although I believe Bio-computer can be used like that, I seriously doubt
>its main use is that. Why would SNRI put something that seems to be not very
>useful in MS combat to a prototype front line MS? They have to put that face
>mask thing on F91 just to work off the heat generated by the Bio-Computer,
>something I seriously doubt they would do for component that is

Had there been a training program, it would probably have highlighted the
advanced target acquisition and ranging capability of the new Bio-Computer.

The best gun in the world won't do you any good if you can't hit the
target, but even a puny little .22 is an asset in the hands of someone who
never misses. What makes the Aegis and the Patriot weapons systems so
advanced is not the projectiles but the guidance systems.

Remember, the MS only became a viable weapon because Minovsky particles
quashed radar and all other long-range detection systems. The Bio-Computer
is based on Newtype awarenesss, which is potentially omniscient....


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