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<< Common misconceptions about/regarding anime:
 1) Anime is "kid's stuff"; so to say, "I don't watch cartoons that
much" or "Cartoons!?"... duh.
 2) Many mistake the main character as the coolest/best character...
double duh.
 3) "Bishonens are fags" ... triple duh.
 4) "Guys who watch shojo-anime are fags" ... duh x 4
 5) Yeah, they call it "bold cartoons" and stuff like that... oh my.
 6) Many think it's all just about giant robots, super fighting, sexy
babes, without ever considering or paying attention to the story. How
 7) "Chinese?" ~_~;
  Did I miss any?
  Now that I think about it, people who say that "cartoons
  are for kids" (regarding anime) are also the kind of
  people that, if ever would happen to appreciate any
  anime at all, would be because of the flashy fighting
  and other superficial stuff. Like, when there's an all
  talk & dialogue scene, they'd say something like; "oh crap, all talk... I
wanna see the action!" *ahem* So
  who's got childish tastes now? Ironic, isn't it?
  Sorry folks, just something I wanna let out. >>

It sure is ironic. I've noticed the same thing you've just described. I hope
the rumored Cartoon Network all anime channel is true. Hopefully, it will
make anime respected in America.


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