James L. Ravelo II (jravelo2@pacific.net.ph)
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 10:40:51 +0800

garrick lee wrote:
> uhm...while i was snooping around some model kit
> shops, i had the opportunity to overhear (translated
> from filipino to english): "gundam? no not that
> again! it breaks so easily, and we'll have to put it
> back together again or buy another one!"
> this was from a hassled mom of many kids that were
> gaping and aping at the "toys" on display. the sad
> truth --> to many parents who don't know better,
> gundam model kits (among other model kits) are cheap
> fragile toys.
> if they think model kits are fragile, what would they
> think of those g gundam toys? i had the opportunity
> to play with one (while the store owner (of comic
> express, for you filipinos) was opening and inspecting
> each g gundam), and i couldn't even pose the thing
> without something CREAKING, and CRACKING or just plain
> making weird little noises somewhere here or there.
> come to think of it, i couldn't pose the thingy at
> all. the damn thing's just too brittle. (i had to
> stop trying to pose the thing coz the store owner
> snatched it away from me, afraid that i'd break it
> before he got to sell it :P)
> -garrick
I think those parents ought to know the difference between a MODEL KIT
and a TOY...gee...I hate people who, after explaining it to them the nth
time, still don't get the difference between the two...

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