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That's exactly my point. And the example with the Sazabi is perfect. Yes,
the main villian needs to have his/her own MS that distinguishes him/her
from everyone else, stands out, and can generally kick ass and be on an
equal (or better) footing than our hero's Gundam. Putting the villain in a
Gundam of his own to me just seems to be a cheap excuse for Bandai to roll
out yet another Gundam model, in the hopes that if the villian's MS is
called "Gundam", then that model/toy will sell as well as the hero's Gundam
model/toy. It's a cop-out. If the villain's MS design is handled very
well, I'd gladly buy it just as soon as I would a nice heroic Gundam model.
It all goes back to my grumbling during our whole misguided Turn-X argument
about there being basically too damned many Gundams anymore... time for
something different.
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Actually, in Gundam Wing, the Epyon Gundam serves as the ideological
opposite of the original five Gundams enough to justify being it a Gundam.
After all, the ideal that Heero eventually defends (that earth must be
saved) vs. the ideal that Zechs wants to carry out (ie, smash Earth to bits
ala Char). I think on that behalf, the Epyon Gundam serves as a perfect
foil for the Wing Gundam.

It would've been interesting if the powers that be decied to put in Epyon in
Endless Waltz.

Oh those wacky kids and their Gundams...

Y. Choe.

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