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this is kinda off-topic, but I went back and watched all three TMNT movies a
few days ago and must say, sure the kids probably liked them at the time,
but there is some pretty wild humor in a few scenes. (A Don King joke in the
3rd film, bad puns on old phrases, the "East Warehouse on Lairdman Island"
if you caught that from the first one...) They were much funnier than I
remembered them.

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> << Yeah, I did see some of that. So why doesn't the cartoon
> have those? >>
> I don't know about the show but believe it or not the first Ninja Turtle
> Movie was pretty much straight from the comic book, literally. I mean
> changed the identities a bit like when Raphael got jumped it was
> Leonardo. And the scene with Raph on the barn and Donatello in the car
> the same, even the dialogue. It was a good movie unlike the second move.
> for the third, it was okay but not as directly from the comics as one was.
> Jason
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