Burke Rukes (wedgeantilles98@hotmail.com)
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 10:27:35 PDT

Richie Ramos writes,

>Yes, I agree on that point. the enemy suit should be a reflection >of the
>"enemy" ideals, not a stylistic copy of the good guy's stuff
>(not that it hasn't happened).
> For me, I loved the Gelgoog because it was so non-MS Gundam look, >or
>even the weird ZZ stuff, precisely because they were different >from the
>Federation MS.

That's exactly my point. And the example with the Sazabi is perfect. Yes,
the main villian needs to have his/her own MS that distinguishes him/her
from everyone else, stands out, and can generally kick ass and be on an
equal (or better) footing than our hero's Gundam. Putting the villain in a
Gundam of his own to me just seems to be a cheap excuse for Bandai to roll
out yet another Gundam model, in the hopes that if the villian's MS is
called "Gundam", then that model/toy will sell as well as the hero's Gundam
model/toy. It's a cop-out. If the villain's MS design is handled very
well, I'd gladly buy it just as soon as I would a nice heroic Gundam model.
It all goes back to my grumbling during our whole misguided Turn-X argument
about there being basically too damned many Gundams anymore... time for
something different.

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