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>In the '80s Gundam was aired in Italy. Actually it was a baddly dubbed,
>clandestine version and was soon stopped but we saw it nonetheless and
>some urban legend wants local TV stations still airing it.
>Amuro Rei-Peter Rei
>This name was used in a funny manner: everyone always calls him "Peter
>Rei", his father too!
>Frau Bow-Mirka
>The translator played with the name, "scia" (sheea) in Italian means
>"tail of the comet" too so he became somehow Tail of the Red Comet.

I have to say I like the way Char was named in the italian version: Scia is
much closer to the Japanese sound for Char. In the english novelization,
Char was translated into Shah for the same reason.

>Ajane: she's called both Mathilda and Majirda(!!!).
>Haro-Pallina (little ball)
>Tri Black Star-Triplice Satellite Nero (Triple Black Satellite)

I don't remember the Black Tri Stars being called that way (I'll check the

I rememeber they were called Draghi Volanti di Zion (Zion's Flying Dragons)
which is cooler then the original name in my opinion :).

>Ran Baral- Ranba Ral

Ranba Ral was called Ranba Ral.....
>A baoa Q- Obacu
Jabrow was translated into Jabrau which is the way an Italian would write
Jabrow if he/her heard it.

>The MS are in the first episode called "guerrieri d'acciaio" (steel
>warriors) but later they are called MS. MA are called Mobile Arma (arma
>means "weapon").

Mobil Armor is Mobile Armar for the same reason of Jabrow-Jabrau
>The Core Fighter was called Gear Fighter.

The Core Fighter was called Core Fighter.....

 The White Base was translated
>as Base Bianca.
>The Gundam is badly pronunced as its "u" is like "you". The Gouf was
>called "Gerf".

Gouf was the "Ghef"

>The Guncannon was italianized in Guncannone.

I think that the Italian translation was made directly from the japanese
tapes and not from the script.
That's why many Italian translated names or words may sound strange if
written down.
To support this, I can add that Vulcan Gun as translated into Cannone (Gun)
Balkan: balkan is the way a Japanese would read vulcan, isn't it?

Sorry if I was picky.

Bye, Max

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