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I always thought that while the impact would certainly kill off a lot of people, that the goal was to render earth uninhabitable by creating "nuclear winter" of the sort that killed off the dinosaurs. That would compel the people left on earth to finally migrate to the colonies (as was originally planned duting the Great Migration). This would put a final end to the earthenoid vs spacenoid power struggle. I don't think Char counted on Nu Gundam's psychoframe having the Newtype horsepower to stop Axis.
As for the "find-me-Amuro-I'm-being-underhanded" bit: I thought he was referring to Amuro tracking Char down before the colony drop (possibly) then and there on Side 6. Which Amuro did, and settling the dispute which they didn't. Afterall, Char's obsession with Amuro seems to outweigh his political aspirations. The colonly drop plan seems like a bait to Amuro. That's why I suspect Char's gone off the deep end in CCA.

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>>> Char gave it to him hoping to cripple him on the battlefield by
>>> making him feel everyone's fear/pain all at once. He said his
>>> compassion would be his undoing. Or the opposite, if Char
>>> really wanted Amuro to stop the plan, like after they buy Axis,
>>> he asks for Amuro to seek him out, he's doing something
>>> underhanded.
>>I had a similar idea after I finally saw CCA... I think Char WANTED his plan
>>to "fail". I mean, at the end of the movie, after all the MS'es get pushed
>>away from the asteroid, Char says something about his hope that they would
>>see the light of their souls, or something to that effect.... I think Char
>>AND Amuro pushed the asteroid away, I think Char knew it would happen that
>>way. He hoped it would be an example to them all. A costly example, but a
>>poweful one. My theory, though.
>>Matt "chicks are cool" Hanyok
>Whoa, I think you give Char more credit than he deserved. If this was how
>he planned everything out, he had to be VERY SURE that Amuro would sacrifice
>himself to push the Axis away, AND that Axis would be pushed away with their
>combined NewType powers. Since there was no prior example of such a display
>of NewType power, I think it is way too much of a risky gamble for Char to
>take. We're talking about a global population at stake here. I think he
>was very ready to let them all die when he set things in motion.

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