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> The Bio-Sensor tries to turn the pilot's thoughts into actions, while the
> Bio-Computer uses images from the pilot's mind as input for a search

    Are you sure about the part about Bio-Computer? I always thought that it
was similar to Bio-Sensor in that it was "helping" the pilot to control the
MS by channeling the pilot's thought into the computer, therefore shortening
the time for the pilot to do something (he just had to think, don't have to
move the stick and stuff), except that it works with non-Newtype, unlike
Bio-Sensor.... Of course, I could be wrong, just want to make sure....

> This should not be confused with the Bio-Control System, used in the
> MRX-009 Psyco Gundam, MRX-010 Psyco Gundam Mk.II and NZ-000 Quin Mantha to
> operate the remote weapons (reflector bits and funnels).

    For Psycho Gundam, it is mainly used for controlling the MS itself,
since there isn't any "Newtype" weapons on Psycho Gundam.... I always
thought Psycho Gundam and its variation require a Newtype to be a pilot
because it is so complicated that it need pilot's input via brainwaves and
conventional means to pilot it effectively....

> The Psychoframe is a technology developed by Neo-Zeon and leaked to
> Electronics so that Amuro would have one in his showdown with Char. It
> turns the entire cockpit of the MS into a psychommu transceiver. It was
> installed on the MSN-04 Sazabi and the RX-93 Nu-Gundam, although Chein Agi
> carried a test sample in the shape of a tau (T) cross, that introduced a
> wild card into the confrontation between Amuro and Char.

    And it seems to be the equipment needed for "weak" Newtypes like Char
and Amuro to control Newtype weapons like Funnels....

> The Bio-Computer is a component of the F91, developed for SNRI by Seabook
> Arno's mother, Monica. It appears to be unique to the F91. The
> bio-computer serves as a detection system, allowing a Newtype pilot to
> locate objects that he mentally envisions. The pilot supplies the image
> and the computer finds the matching object, if it's anywhere within range
> of the sensors.

    Although I believe Bio-computer can be used like that, I seriously doubt
its main use is that. Why would SNRI put something that seems to be not very
useful in MS combat to a prototype front line MS? They have to put that face
mask thing on F91 just to work off the heat generated by the Bio-Computer,
something I seriously doubt they would do for component that is

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