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> Whoa, I think you give Char more credit than he deserved. If this was how
> he planned everything out, he had to be VERY SURE that Amuro would
> himself to push the Axis away, AND that Axis would be pushed away with
> combined NewType powers. Since there was no prior example of such a
> of NewType power, I think it is way too much of a risky gamble for Char to

Well, look at it this way. Char believed in this newtype thing. Char just
KNEW that Amuro would try to stop Axis, and Char practically gave Amuro the
Psycho Frame. (Oh wait a second, he literally gave it to him! Sorry, bad
pun.) Call me an optimist, but I really liked Char, and I really think he
knew beforehand that it would work out the way it did. Newtype intuition, I
guess. Risky? Sure, but they did it, didn't they?

That's just my reasoning. I'm pretty sure I'm wrong, but just watching CCA
where Char was the head of Neo-Zion, I just got the impression that he was
just doing that stuff to accomplish his goal, not to lead humanity, or
whatever Neo-Zion wanted to do.

> take. We're talking about a global population at stake here. I think he
> was very ready to let them all die when he set things in motion.

He probably was, but hoped he wouldn't have to. My guess. BTW, the scene
with all those suits suddenly showing up and pushing the asteroid was
awesome, wasn't it? It's too bad the one that I saw was pretty crappy video

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