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> Lemme get this straight; is Hamaan a psycho or is she
> just misled? How did she get so much power anyway?

Hamaan is certifiably insane in that she has a different view of the world
than just about anyone else, but she's not dysfunctional in any way.

When Mineva's mother (Dozle's widow) died on Axis, Hamaan's father,
Maharajah Khan, became the Regent, ruling in Meneva's name. When her
father died, Hamaan succeeded him as Regent. Her real rise to power came
during the three-way battle between the Titans, AEUG and Axis. The Titans
were destroyed and the AEUG became so tied up in trying to restore order
that it was unable to stop Axis from retaking Side 3, declaring itself
Neo-Zeon and invading Earth in a replay of the original 1YW, minus the
genocidal initial assault.


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