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>>> It looked very formidable though. I think that was
>>> their own version of Cthulhu. If I'm not mistaken,
>>> a saw the word "Cthulhu" (probably in katakana) in
>>> the title, but wasn't paying enough attention to it.
>>> Besides, it is only now that I got a clearer definition
>>> of the word.
>>The feminoids from outer space in Iczer-1 were originally called the
>>Cthulhu, but copyright issues forced it to be Romanized as "Cutowolf"
> What do you mean "copyright issues"? Then what about in
> the case of Ghostbusters and Ultraman Tiga?

Iczer-1 was using the term Cthulhu for something totally unrelated to the
Mythos and the HPL estate objected. Ghostbusters was paying homage to the
Cthulhu Mythos and, in fact, went out of its way to mention Lovecraft --
this was deemed "fair use" and no infringement. I don't know how Ultraman
Tiga used it, but Ultraman Tiga has yet to appear in the United States,
while Iczer-1 was subbed and dubbed on videotape some years ago.

J. Michael Staczynski of Bablyon 5 fame, who wrote most of the Ghostbusters
animated TV shows, is a big fan of HPL and may have gotten permission from
the estate in advance. There's a nod to Cthulhu in the B5 TV movie,

I suspect that UT will have to change the reference, as did Iczer-1, if it
ever appears here in America.


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