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> I had a similar idea after I finally saw CCA... I think Char WANTED his plan
> to "fail". I mean, at the end of the movie, after all the MS'es get pushed
> away from the asteroid, Char says something about his hope that they would
> see the light of their souls, or something to that effect.... I think Char
> AND Amuro pushed the asteroid away, I think Char knew it would happen that
> way. He hoped it would be an example to them all. A costly example, but a
> poweful one. My theory, though.

Actually, isn't that kind of like what happens in 0083? A colony drop the was
intended to be stopped at the last minute in the first place, but aimed at a
least valuable piece of real-estate, just in case? All just to get a point
across to the Federation leaders?

Since CCA predates 0083, and 0083 is kind of a remake of the original series
designed to fit into an open slot between series, some elements of CCA may
have been used (like the whole Axis thing).


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