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Basically... although the "Amuro what are you doing"
kinda made me think he wasn't expecting the asteroid
to actually be pushed back... But I still agree he
had reasons to give away the Psychoframe...


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>Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 16:35:57 -0400
> > Char gave it to him hoping to cripple him on the battlefield by
> > making him feel everyone's fear/pain all at once. He said his
> > compassion would be his undoing. Or the opposite, if Char
> > really wanted Amuro to stop the plan, like after they buy Axis,
> > he asks for Amuro to seek him out, he's doing something
> > underhanded.
>I had a similar idea after I finally saw CCA... I think Char WANTED his
>to "fail". I mean, at the end of the movie, after all the MS'es get pushed
>away from the asteroid, Char says something about his hope that they would
>see the light of their souls, or something to that effect.... I think Char
>AND Amuro pushed the asteroid away, I think Char knew it would happen that
>way. He hoped it would be an example to them all. A costly example, but a
>poweful one. My theory, though.
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