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>Ajane: she's called both Mathilda and Majirda(!!!).

Well the original name is a bad japanese translitteration of
"Mathilda" as of recent sources.

>The MS are in the first episode called "guerrieri d'acciaio" (steel
>warriors) but later they are called MS. MA are called Mobile Arma (arma
>means "weapon").
>The Core Fighter was called Gear Fighter. The White Base was translated
>as Base Bianca.
>The Gundam is badly pronunced as its "u" is like "you". The Gouf was
>called "Gerf".
>The Guncannon was italianized in Guncannone.

Gear Fighter? They were called Core Fighter, but pronunced "Kear"
(dont ask WHY...)
Also MA were pronunced "Mobil Armar" (Armour)

You sure we seen the same show? ;-)

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