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Mon, 18 Oct 1999 10:53:55 PDT

Y. Choe writes,

>Hey, don't you think that HE was the one who introduced the disease >to
>Gundam? Just look at PSYCHO GUNDAM from 'Zeta Gundam (1985)'! <g>

Yeah, but when the Psyco Gundam (and the Psyco Mark-II) show up, they only
hang around for one or two episodes... unlike the anti-Gundams from G, W and
X, which either start out from the beginning or pop up in the middle of the
series, and actually hang around as a continuing nemesis. I probably
should've stated this more clearly... that's what I meant by the
"anti-Gundam disease."

>Anyway, Turn-X doesn't have the Gundam name in it, it is just TURN->X,
>right? at least according to the pictures flowing aroung the net >so far.
>If it become the counterpart for Turn-A, the reason might be >the 'TURN'
>part, not 'GUNDAM' part. (of course it is just a wild >guess...:)

No, Turn X is not a Gundam, but it's definitely meant to be the antithesis
of Turn A... whether it has the "Gundam" monnicker attached or not. But I
understand from your point of view... if it's not a Gundam at all, then it
really can't qualify as an "anti-Gundam".

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

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