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Well I have an old Newtype chart printed after Gundam ZZ
came out, and it lists all the snot nosed punks from Zeta and
ZZ as being better than Amuro, but it was printed before the
release of Char's Counterattack, and Jude or anyone else is
not going to top the "Push back the Asteroid" trick.

However its my personal opinion that he used all the psychic
energy of the Neo Zeon pilots, the Fed pilots, and Char to
do it. Since the Nu-Gundam was basically an amplifier.

<Personal Pet CCA Theory>
Char gave it to him hoping to cripple him on the battlefield by
making him feel everyone's fear/pain all at once. He said his
compassion would be his undoing. Or the opposite, if Char
really wanted Amuro to stop the plan, like after they buy Axis,
he asks for Amuro to seek him out, he's doing something
<Pet Theory Mode Off>

It was the same as all of Camilles dead girl friends helping him
defeat Scirocco at the end of Zeta.
<Rant Mode Off>

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> Is gundam wing characters are all newtypes ? Did Amuro Ray is really the
> greatest newtype, not Judo or anyone else ? or Amuro is great because he
> understands how to operate his newtype skills well ? Explain please
> Alex
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