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>> That's so true. By the way, with regards to my former
>> post "Cthulhu in UT", the Cthulhu in Ultraman Tiga was
>> definitely more powerful than the one in Ghostbusters.
>> If I remember correctly, Egon and company defeated it
>> by luring it into somekinda rollercoaster track and
>> electrocuting it. In Ultraman Tiga, our friendly giant
>> of light was even defeated by the thing. I could
>> probably give a run down of what happened in the last
>> three episodes of the series if anyone's interested.
>> It was kinda corny how Tiga recovered and managed to
>> defeat the monster, but hey, it was generally meant
>> for kids, so what can I say. Those who've seen it
>> knows what I mean ^^;
>Yes, but the fact is that Cthulu in the stories could never be defeated that
>easily. This is a being that is, for all intents and purposes, a God.

 Hmm... well, for one thing, in the Ultraman Tiga story,
 Tiga was used to be mistaken as somekinda god by the
 people. Anyhow, is anyone here familiar with the game
 Final Fantasy Tactics? There's a kind of monster there
 that somehow makes me think it was derived from the
 idea of Cthulhu or Spawn of Cthulhu... the "Squidlarkin".
 They look like humanoids with a squid's head and tentacles adorn the area where the mouth is. Another
 reason why it reminds me of Cthulhu is that advanced
 versions of these creatures use "mind spells" that
 give annoying status ailments. Is that Cthulhu enough
 or what?

 By the way, was Cthulhu ever been defeated in the
 original story?

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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