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>Face it, people. Even if you think a lame design can be saved by a decent
>story, this is not the case here. I think Tomino just wants to kill Gundam
>for good so he'd be forever rid of the Gundam curse.
>>but a teenage boy like me with 4000 yen would rather buy
>>a dom rather than a whole bunch of Turn A models even though 0079 was a long
>>time ago, It makes you wonder about Syd Mead designs.
>I can say that the UC 0079 designs had 20 years' worth of nostalgia goodwill
>behind them, unlike the Turn A. However, in your case that obviously does
>not apply, since you did not grow up watching the UC series like we old farts
>did. So you've got an excellent point there after all. :)

Actually I have grown up watching gundam, At five years old i remember
watching 0079 in chinese, but at that age all you really notice is colorful MS
things flying around and big bright flashes. WOW!! Flashes!!

But What I heard About Turn-A is that that guy was voted best male character
in an anime series or something like that... I'm not quite sure but I remember
something like that on this list.

- Roger


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