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Vincenzo wrote:

>The translator played with the name, "scia" (sheea) in Italian means
>"tail of the comet" too so he became somehow Tail of the Red Comet.

Hey, that's pretty neat! :)

>Ran Baral- Ranba Ral

Sorry, but his original name was also Ranba Rahl, not Ran Baral.

Speaking of which, some Korean bootleg Gundam publications used
the name 'Ran Baral' (probably by translator's mistake) several
years ago... (and therefore, they changed Crowley Harmon -- AKA
Harmon Rahl -- into Harmon Baral...<alas>)

The origin of the name 'Rahl' could be Guinter Rahl, the famous
flying ace of German Luftwaffe... (was that WW1 or WW2, anyway?)

-Sunwook 'what's in the name?' Kim

܆+ޱjya uz(

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