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>In Japanese newsgroups as well as in this ML we see that there is much
>criticism towards Syd Mead and Turn A. I agree that he HAS done some good
>designs but the fact is Turn A is really ugly, well to me at least.

That makes the two of us, at least. The classic samurai-looking Gundam has
a diginified look, but sadly the same cannot be said of the Turn A.

>Well in that case think about the MG series labeled as 1/100, why didn't they
>just get dismissed as a more expensive HG?

Hmm, actually they are 1/100 kits being labeled as MG... they are a class
above HG so they were't dismissed as pricy HG kits - the quality of
engineering and design was clearly a notch or two above the usual HG kits,
in fact I think the MG kits are all about innovation - new techniques are
being tried out for the MG kits and recouping R&D and marketing costs is less
of a priority compared to the "let's sell some kits for the current Gundam
show" lines. I mean where else do you get the crazy tubes the MG Zaku IIs
have? Or independently articulate fingers on a 1/100 scale kit?

>Because the design was at least
>mediocre if not very good ( I thought it was real good!). There was also the
>fact that MG's were labeled and sold as Pro's-only models yet they sold like
>hotcakes. The Turn A model (1/100) is very very detailed and the series is
>quite popular I hear,

I dunno where you are hearing it from, but in case you missed the forward
Vince Leon posted for his Japanese friend last week, here it is again:

"My friend and I saw few episodes of 'Turn A Gundom', and we don't like it.
 For me, it isn't good story and mechas in the series aren't neat designs.
 The story is like for kid story. Have you seen mecha designs? I got a
 picture of Turn A Gundom model from web page. In case you haven't seen it,
 I enclose it. Bandai want to sell Turn A Gundom model but people do not
 like it."

A mail order hobby store owner based in Japan also told me the following:

>> What do you think of Turn A Gundam so far, and how's it being received
>> in Japan?
>Average, I suppose. Gundam just isn't what it used to be.

Face it, people. Even if you think a lame design can be saved by a decent
story, this is not the case here. I think Tomino just wants to kill Gundam
for good so he'd be forever rid of the Gundam curse.

>but a teenage boy like me with 4000 yen would rather buy
>a dom rather than a whole bunch of Turn A models even though 0079 was a long
>time ago, It makes you wonder about Syd Mead designs.

I can say that the UC 0079 designs had 20 years' worth of nostalgia goodwill
behind them, unlike the Turn A. However, in your case that obviously does
not apply, since you did not grow up watching the UC series like we old farts
did. So you've got an excellent point there after all. :)

>Oh yeah and the crotch core fighter-like thing, does it seem to look like
>well... you know, The plane is long, cylindrical and it comes off and goes up.
>- Roger

You know, Tomino insisted that cockpit setup was supposed to represent a
mother's womb protecting her child/the pilot. This is one hermaphrodite
mother if you ask me!


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