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>>A while back I remember reading on this ML that Bandai thinks of the 1/100
>>Turn-A models non-profitable is this true? I also notice how all the Turn-A
>>models are mostly 1/144 now.
>The gold Sumo came out in 1/100 scale. I doubt Bandai would refuse to put
>out a silver one given their propensity to recycle molds.
>>I would just like to say that the success of the reflects the popularity of
>>the Designs.
>The 1/100 Turn A kit was at clearance price in Japan for less than 50% of
>the retail price Bandai has set. Clearly, 2,000 yen for a 1/100 kit that
>wasn't even label HG was too much for most people, and stores had to get rid
>of them at a loss to get some cash back.

In Japanese newsgroups as well as in this ML we see that there is much
criticism towards Syd Mead and Turn A. I agree that he HAS done some good
designs but the fact is Turn A is really ugly, well to me at least.

Well in that case think about the MG series labeled as 1/100, why didn't they
just get dismissed as a more expensive HG? Because the design was at least
mediocre if not very good ( I thought it was real good!). There was also the
fact that MG's were labeled and sold as Pro's-only models yet they sold like
hotcakes. The Turn A model (1/100) is very very detailed and the series is
quite popular I hear, but a teenage boy like me with 4000 yen would rather buy
a dom rather than a whole bunch of Turn A models even though 0079 was a long
time ago, It makes you wonder about Syd Mead designs.

Oh yeah and the crotch core fighter-like thing, does it seem to look like a...
well... you know, The plane is long, cylindrical and it comes off and goes up.

- Roger


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