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>The translator played with the name, "scia" (sheea) in Italian means
>"tail of the comet" too so he became somehow Tail of the Red Comet.

It sure beats Johnny Destiny, the name Char was given in the British dub of
the Gundam II movie.

>Haro-Pallina (little ball)

I'd've thought they'd call it "Bocce".... (^_^):


All of the 20th Anniversary references are unanimously giving her name as
Kycilia. On the other hand, the "official" Romanizations of the Zabi
Family are all kind of wacky: Degwin, Gihren, Dozle.

>Tri Black Star-Triplice Satellite Nero (Triple Black Satellite)

This is usually rendered in English as Black Tri-Star or Black Trinary.


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