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>Of course, the question that begs to be asked:
>"Does Tomino Consider TurnA to be Gundam?"
>It's just called TurnA. Therefore, it must not be a Gundam (yet). Or there
>is a Gundam waiting to be used, and it will just happen to be one of these
>Anti-Gundam Gundams.
>Just the way things ought to be.

The title of the show is <forall symbol> Gundam, with the subtitle Called
Turn "A" Gundam -- just look at the logo.

What's missing isn't "Gundam" but rather the adjective prefix that has been
a part of every previous UC series: "Kidou Senshi" (Mobile Suit).

So the question isn't whether or not the Turn-A is a Gundam, but whether or
not any of these mecha is, in fact, a Mobile Suit.

This is, after all, a couple of millennia after the advent of the Man
Machine (circa UC 0200, per Gaia Gear) and the only prefix we've seen for
any of these mecha is Mobile, which, as noted by Mark Simmons, may only
have been done because Mobile Flat and Mobile Rib are copyrightable terms,
where Flat and Rib alone aren't.


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