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>From: Alfred Urrutia <Alfred.Urrutia@disney.com>
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>Well, ya, that's obvious. They don't try over here anymore. If it
>weren't for John Krikfalusi(sp?) or the Southpark guys there wouldn't
>have been any decent animation in the last 10 years. You forget where
>our animation comes from. 6 minute shorts in theaters, The Flintstones,
>etc. Short and funny.

I think a lot of Americans expect "cartoons" to be funny. There are a lot
of cartoons in the US aimed at adults but they are almost always comedies.
(Simpsons, King of the Hill, Futurama, South Park, etc.) I think most
adults are so conditioned to thinking that cartoons have to be funny that
they don't give a serious story a chance.

My husband (an American), faithfully watches every one of those shows and
some cartoons (Batman, Rocko's Modern Life), but refuses to watch anime. He
seems to have a hard time getting used to the artwork and also with
following a story that lasts more than 30 min. (BTW, Flinstones is still one
of his MOST favorite shows)

I think when the current generation of kids who are used to anime style
artwork and storyline through Pokemon, Digimon, etc. grow up, anime may have
better acceptance here.

mirai yashima

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