mirai yashima (mirai_yashima@hotmail.com)
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 12:09:01 EDT

> > Rankin and Bass always had some very good
> >Japanese artists on staff for their cell animation division (These people
> >carried over to Thundercats and god help us Silverhawks, but these latter
> >two, while looking good, suffered from poor writing and kiddified scripts
> >[especially Silverhawks])

Thundercats was one of those productions where the story was written and
planned in the US, and the animation was done overseas in Japan. A friend
of mine, Hiroki Hayashi (with AIC, director of Bubble Gum Crisis 2040,
Battle Athletes, etc) told me his first job as key cell animator was on
Thundercats. He told me that doing subcontract work for an American
animation firm was fun because the budget was bigger and time frame was
slower. Japanese projects are on a lower budget and more rushed.

mirai y

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