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>From: "Kaworu Nagisa" <17thangel@tokyo-3.com>
>Did you know that the Japanese call western cartoons
>"anime" too? Just a thought for all of us to reflect
>Perhaps most of us are aware of this, but are we just
>using anime and cartoons as separate terms to distinguish
>between the two major kinds of animation we have today?

Yes, the Japanese do call anything animated "anime". But prior to the
mid-70's in Japan, animated TV shows were generally referred to as "telebi
manga" or simply "manga". It had a connotation similar to "cartoons" in
that it was kids stuff. When some quality shows (like Yamato) came out that
appealed to older people (i.e. TEENAGERS), they started using "anime" to
describe these shows to distinguish them from "manga". I distinctly
remember my cousins and myself scolding adults for calling shows like Yamato
and GE999 "manga" because it had a negative connotation. We used to insist
that they be called "anime".

If you watch Japanese animation that are out right now, there are still many
shows created purely for kids and belong in the "telebi manga" category.
Most have notoriously bad animation and storylines and rarely get mentioned
in anime magazines. Many people refer to these shows as "manga", to
distinguish them from "anime" which has a more serious connotation.

Although the official origin of the word "anime" is supposed to be French, I
really think the Japanese media simply shortened the word "animation" for
easier use. The Japanese LOVE to shorten words and do it all the time.
I've been following anime since before the word came into use, and
originally they WERE using the full word animation...

mirai yashima

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