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Winn Sevilla wrote:

> 1. I don't know how to stand it. It seems to fall on one backwards because of her
> hair... kinda heavy.
> 2. It came with a clear plastic stand and some metal rod to put it in... but I don't
> know what to use it for... she doesn't have any holes to plug it in or something...
> does that mean, I HAVE to drill a hole on it?
> Well, it can stand by leaning the metal rod to her legs to the hair...

It's assembled all ready!!!!! You have it easy,
my soft vinyl Anice Farm (same character designer
incidentally) required a lot of hair drier
activity to mould the legs into the right shape so
it would slot into the body Anyway, the rod is
there for a reason. Look back at the photo on
hlj, look at her right shoe, the metal thing is a
rod and I presume it goes through the shoe. It's
no biggy, it's drilled in an inconspicuous area.
> 3. My nephew said that i should put "elmer's glue" or the white school glue... but the
> problem is that I know it could turn yellow if it gets old... what substitute can I
> use?

heck I did have problem with parts which didn't
slot together, and regular modelling glue didn't
work well. The white school glue your nephew
suggested does make sense, it's called PVA in New
Zealand, poly vinyl something...methinks it's
acyrlamide. Problems I had with with sticking
parts together, I went at it with Tamiya epoxy
putty, molded a part and stuck the two pieces
together. Drastic but it works and holds like you
wouldn't believe.

> 4. How do I clean it if it gets dusty or dirty ?

I have the same problem, but mine is slightly more
delicate because i actually do have a part held
together by modelling cement, and I don't have a
metal rod holding it up (though that can be
rectified. I was thinking of investing in a small
glass display case, but I don't have room for one
>_<, but you could try one of those dusters which work my static.

I may get laughed at for watching infomercials,
but it's worth a go.

      Big bore exhausts are for V8 wannabes
                  Michael Ip

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