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Try RealMagic Hollywood Plus decoder card,if you can afford one. The board
can be set for various regions, and therefore, you can view any DVDs from
around the world.

Of course, the image quality is much better than any software based products
and give you true Dolby 5.1 output--effectively turning your Computer into a
dedicated DVD player.

All that for the price less than a normal DVD player!

Y. "DVD's are cool!" Choe

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> Can Japanese DVD's run on an American PC? I'm getting a new Computer

Yes, the DVD drive is just a drive that reads the discs.

The catch here is that you need a software or hardware decoder (read: a DVD
player program or hardware decoder board) that supports different regions.
I'm not particularly fond of the Xing DVD player (http://www.xingtech.com/)
but it does have multiple region support, even if it doesn't work all the
time. I don't know of there are many others, but chances are the new system
will have a DVD player of some kind on it, which would most likely support
the different regions.

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