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 Burke wrote:

>Of course, this also means something else... Tomino has now been infected
>with the disease that has contaminated all other Gundam animation
>producers/writers/directors... he has to introduce an "anti-Gundam" halfway
>through the series now. (Sigh...) But at least the Turn X DOES look VERY
>cool... :-)

Hey, don't you think that HE was the one who introduced the disease to
Gundam? Just look at PSYCHO GUNDAM from 'Zeta Gundam (1985)'! <g>

Anyway, Turn-X doesn't have the Gundam name in it, it is just TURN-X, right?
at least according to the pictures flowing aroung the net so far. If it
become the counterpart for Turn-A, the reason might be the 'TURN' part, not
'GUNDAM' part. (of course it is just a wild guess...:)

-Sunwook 'lurking all the way' Kim

܆+ޱjya uz(

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