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No, this is not in reference to anyone's post :P
My folks finally told me to get my sorry butt over
and take out some of the junk which I had left
there ever since well, my high school days. All I
was expecting to uncover was some old anime
magazines (A-Clubs for you Hongkong people), and
useless (and still useless) and unused Gunze
Sangyo airbrush and some old forgotten and best
left forgotten artwork of mine.

Surprise surprise, I also found my old models.
Lets see, I found, from Tomy, Zoids stegosaurus
(sp - well that thing which vaguely resembles a
rhino), RATS robots (god knows what that is), and
some other thing which is also Zoids-esque in the
mechanical style, but it was more like a
streamlined futuristic tank, not a dinosaur.

I also found a die cast Nickick from Super
Dimensional Century Orguss, which has stayed
pretty much in good condition except for the fact
one of the shoulder jets has broken off, and I may
have lost the hands. Might have to keep it in

Now I also uncovered some Gundam stuff. First,
my 1/100 Gouf. In worse condition that I thought
it was in, but probably salvage able. I think I
will have to take it apart and give it a make
over, but I think I have lost the shield, and the
shaft to hold the left leg has snapped clean off,,
but no biggy, I should be able to fix that.

I was dreading to revisiting my old modelling
techniques when I uncovered my 1/144 MkII. This
kinda thing happens when you don't know what
enamel paints means, and when you don't paint
things before you assemble them. I remember
getting so sick of it I took a match to it and
buckled various areas of it's body, and it looks
like *very* bad battle damage/modelling technique
(you choose). Salvageable hahahahahaha, dream
on. I look at my immaculate Anice farm and 1/100
Zugok and I think where the hell did I go wrong?
So many things wrong with it I can right a damn
book on it. Guess I could just airbrush the whole
thing black or silver or gold or something to give
it some dignity.

Finally, the ZG HCM. God I hate this thing. How
it could be worth anything is beyond me. Wave
Rider mode really sucks, it squeaks and it doesn't
stand right, it's terrible when you try put it
into a pose and all the joints are loose, like
it's some sort of anti-arthritis. I've also lost
the V-fin for it too

But over all, I am happy, brings back frustrating
memories of my childhood, but dammit, where's my
die cast RX-78 and Guncannon? hmmm...I do
remember losing RX-78's beam sabre at school. Oh

      Big bore exhausts are for V8 wannabes
                  Michael Ip

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