Burke Rukes (wedgeantilles98@hotmail.com)
Sat, 16 Oct 1999 20:32:10 PDT

SJ writes,

>Are the Flat and Turn X really Terran MS's or are they Lunarian Ms's?

Well, since the Turn X is the enemy of the Turn A Gundam, and the Turn A
Gundam is fighting with the Earth-based militia forces, then isn't it only
logical that the Turn X is a Moon Race MS? As for the Flat, I'm not sure
how to classify that one... I know that Loran uses it to get from the Moon
to Earth in the beginning (in which case it MIGHT qualify to be listed under
Moon Race), but since I haven't seen one single episode of this series yet
(I plan to start ordering the DVDs next month), I don't know if Loran
initially used the Flat to fight the Moon Racers (^_^) before getting his
hands on the Turn A. Anyone who's _actually_ seen the show care to
enlighten me? :-)

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