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>Well... browsing no, STUDYING the mobile suits from all series... I find MS
>designs so cool and grand in concept... Especially the Z & ZZ and the V Gundam
>series... they have such great designs and concepts... Paptimus Scirocco
>made them right?

Paptimus Scirocco only designed the four MS in the PMX series: the PMX-000
Messala, the PMX-001 Pallas (sometimes misspelled as "Palace") Athene, the
PMX-002 Balinoak Samahn (no one's figured out what that's supposed to mean
or how to spell it) and the PMX-003 The O. Kazuhisa Kondoh invented a
PMX-005 Bread and PMS-007 Jaguar I, along with a PMX-003 The O II, but
they're just that, Kondoh inventions.

You can get some idea of who the nominal designers of the MS are from the
model number:

AGX - Axis design (based on AE Gundam design)
AMA - Axis/Neo-Zeon design
AMS - Axis/Neo-Zeon design
AMX - Axis/Neo-Zeon design
EMA - Jupiter Empire design
EMS - Jupiter Empire design
F - Strategic Naval Research Institute (SNRI) Formula Project design
FA - Federation Full-Armor design
FF - Federation Fighter design
FXA - Federation Auxiliary Vehicle design
LM - League Militaire design
MA - Zeon design
MAM - Zeon Amphibious design
MAN - Zeon Newtype design
MMT - Axis/Neo-Zeon design
MRX - Nurasame Newtype Institute design
MS - Zeon design
MSA - Anaheim Electronics design
MSF - Kazumi Fujita design *
MSK - Kalaba design
MSM - Zeon Amphibious design
MSN - Zeon/Axis/Neo-Zeon Newtype design
MSN - Mamoru Nagano design *
MSZ - Project Zeta design
MW - Federation Worker design
MWS - Monotone Corporation design
NRX - Titans/EUG Newtype design
NZ - Neo-Zeon Newtype design
OMS - Oldsmobile Army design
ORX - Augusta Newtype Laboratory design
PF - Federation Perfect design
PMX - Paptimus Scirocco design
R - Federation design
RB - Federation Ball design
RGC - Federation GM Cannon design
RGM - Federation GM design
RGX - Federation Experimental design (based on Monotone design)
RGZ - Federation Zeta design
RMS - Titans/EUG design
RMV - Federation Guntank design
RX - Federation Experimental design
RXF - Anaheim Electronics design (based on SNRI Formula Project design)
SP - Federation Space Pod design
XM - Crossbone design
XMA - Crossbone design
YMS - Zeon Experimental design
ZM - Zanscare design
ZMT - Zanscare Test design

Note that there are two instances in which the actual real-world designer
was incorporated in the model number, Kazumi Fujita's MSF-007 Gundam Mk.III
and Mamoru Nagano's MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki. The former appeared in the
Z-Gundam MSV series and the later is, of course, one of the classic
Z-Gundam MS.

For the names of the actual mecha designers for each series, check out the
individual series listings at Mark Simmons' Gundam Project site:



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