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>>You need a smiley face here, friend -- it's easier to say almost anything,
>>including Przyzplatcki and Mxyzptlk, than to pronounce the name

>It's pronounced Koo-Thoo-loo, stressing on the middle syllable

Sez you.

That's a convention of the HPL fandom so that people can talk about the
Mythos without inducing laryngitis. (And, phonetically, it's "k'THOO-loo"
-- the leading consonant is deprecated as in the Greek word "cthon" that
first gave the ganboys a clue as to how they MIGHT pronounce it.)

Lovecraft's stories make it clear that the name cannot be correctly
pronounced by humans, because it was never produced by vocal cords in the
first place. To reproduce it properly, you need a pipe organ and a handful
of gravel....



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