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Sat, 16 Oct 1999 09:26:54 -0700 (PDT)

> On the other hand, if I were to take your argument
> that Gundam is the/tends
> to be the defender of the earth (which I agree
> also), then all White Colored
> Gundams eventually become the defender of the earth,
> though the original
> intentions may be one of destruction of the said
> planet. After all, in
> Wing, it's the five Gundams that eventually stops
> the hideous Operation
> Meteo from carried out, though it was the
> responsibility of the five Gundams
> and their pilots to carry out that mission. It's
> the anti-gundam that seeks
> for destruction in Wing's Case. I'd take the same
> argument for Gundam G,
> except I haven't seen the series to justify that.

well...having watched 45 of 49 episodes of g gundam
(last four episodes next week!), i'd say that the same
argument can't really be applied to g gundam. without
giving away too much of plot (which intricacies i
don't understand fully yet), i say the devil gundam
doesn't really qualify as an anti-gundam. not even
the master gundam would, as revealed in the end.
there is no single anti-gundam in the series.

right now, the only thing i can say for sure about g
gundam is this:

people often say that you can take out all the mechs
in gundam and it would still be gundam because the
story is what makes gundam a gundam. well, in g
gundam you NEED to take out all the mechs. i've made
up my mind (as the series went along) and concluded
that the mechs DO get in the way (sorry richie) of the
show a lot. you can take out all the mechs in g
gundam, and tell the story in a medieval fantasy
shaolin kung-fu, and come out with something better.

windmills on gundam don quixote?
high heels on a mech?
high heels on a mobile trace system?
gundams ala kung-fu? gundams standing on water?
gundams tip-toeing on a leaf? (the animation for the
fight scenes were the worst EVER. really cheap
animation -- all those fists and feet flying about
like a yosamite sam impression.)
a horse going through the mobile trace system? egads!
now THAT was awful!


the only g gundam i liked is actually the spiegel
gundam (something about the blades). the shining,
rising and g gundams kinda bored me.



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