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Sat, 16 Oct 1999 21:50:42 +0800

Look, this has nothing to do with Gundams... but it had something to do with models...

Along with the MS Encyclopedia book that arrived was my soft vinyl 1/8 Misumaru Yurika
of Martian Successor Nadesico from SEGA... here's the link...

it was in good condition... but it had some problems... like...

1. I don't know how to stand it. It seems to fall on one backwards because of her
hair... kinda heavy.

2. It came with a clear plastic stand and some metal rod to put it in... but I don't
know what to use it for... she doesn't have any holes to plug it in or something...
does that mean, I HAVE to drill a hole on it?

Well, it can stand by leaning the metal rod to her legs to the hair...

3. My nephew said that i should put "elmer's glue" or the white school glue... but the
problem is that I know it could turn yellow if it gets old... what substitute can I

4. How do I clean it if it gets dusty or dirty ?

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