Winn Sevilla (
Sat, 16 Oct 1999 21:35:47 +0800

Finally, the MS Encyclopedia 1998 has finally arrived to my arms after 2 months of
waiting... it's really a great buy... as all the MS in all gundam series (even the
games, side stories & the other MS variations).

Well... browsing no, STUDYING the mobile suits from all series... I find MS
designs so cool and grand in concept... Especially the Z & ZZ and the V Gundam
series... they have such great designs and concepts... Paptimus Scirocco made them
right? He's a great MS builder... and those ones in Neo Zeon under Hamaan's
rule... so as the Zanscar Empire...

I'd say that the Z & ZZ and the V Gundam series have the best designs of mobile
suits... both good guys & bad guys...

Does everybody agree on that ?

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