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It looks great, I bet it is a 1/100 right??

BTW. Since I am coming back to modeling (from a long miss). Can you explain
why do you do the black wash before you paint the base color?? What
procedure do you use to do the panel lines??

I mean do you do the primer first, then wash and then do the base coat and
then the details and shadow using an air brush??

If you are doing the wash before the base coat, won't the base coat obscure
the wash??

I am just trying to learn from different person and get the best method...

--- Kenneth ---

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Date: Friday, October 15, 1999 6:27 PM
Subject: [gundam] RX-93 modified head pics

>Hey all,
>I have just posted some pictures of the head of the Nu Gundam model that
>I am working on. I have completed the shaping of it and did a quick
>primer grey paint job on it. I scribed some new panel lines on it and
>reshaped the back and top crest of the head. you may also notice that
>the little "box" in between the antennae is also slightly different as
>well. All in all the mods are slight. Here is the URL where you can see
>let me know what you think.
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