Burke Rukes (wedgeantilles98@hotmail.com)
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 22:00:01 PDT

>cool! It's about time...I was getting impatient...hey >Burke...someday,
>when you have more time and space, could you show >some nice closeup
>details for some of the MS's?

I kinda plan on doing that, but it would involve _SO_ much scanning and
editing that I would only be able to do it slowly and a little bit at a
time. I've had other requests for close-up details, cockpits, weapons,
etc., and I plan to do them... I have the free time these days, I just need
to find the patience to do all that scanning. ^_^ And I've got _SO_ much
Gundam fanfic that I want to write... (yes, I'm still dragging my heels on
Gundam Delta).

Well, the updates are 100% ready to upload... problem is, I'm at a friend's
house right now who has ISDN... and I'm having trouble connecting to FTP. I
have to wait until he wakes up in a few hours to get him to tell me what I'm
doing wrong. :-)

Hopefully it'll be up tomorrow (Saturday) night...

Some more good news is that a friend of mine here in the Dallas area has set
up his computer as a web server, and offered to let me put a backup of The
Mecha Domain up on it. Although it may not be up and running all the time,
at least there'll soon be a secondary site in case you people get a slow
connection to Ben Koshy's server for some reason.

Time to get some sleep... ;-)

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

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