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>> well I don't like the Geara Doga but the Geara
>> Doga Psyhcomu type, in my opinion, is even more
>> eye candy than the Sazabi let alone the Jagd
>> Doga. it's a pity I can't even find a GK resin of
>> it anywhere.
> Is this the one with the weird "hat"?

No, Richie, he meant the AMS-120 "Geara Doga"
(Psycommu Test Type), a prototype MS based on "Geara
Doga" but looks very similar to "Jagd Doga" (with
funnels on shoulder armors) and it's painted in red
(hehe). Its performance a par below "Jagd Doga" so it
was never used in combats, but many of its designs are
used for MSN-04 "Sazabi".

I don't recall any resin kit for AMS-120 ever exist,
but I've seen a kit bash using the 1:144 "Gyunei's
Jagd Doga" on display somewhere...

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